Saturday, June 20, 2009

Part of standard Waldorf philosophy is the "Seasons" or "Nature" table. This is typically a tabletop surface somewhere in the family's home that is decorated with trappings of the season; small wooden figures, bits of dyed wool or silk made to look like outdoors scenes, rocks, pictures, candles and bits of flowers and plants from outdoors. They much take after an altar in this fashion, they are meant to collect and celebrate things that remind us of the season and to pause and reflect on the joys and bounty of that time.

This "May" table is courtesy of my friend Ashley, who is a Waldorf/Enki homeschooler.

While we were in Arizona, I didn't feel that Ro was old enough to understand, and here in New York we don't yet have the space to create a seasons table, (although in the cold months I may very well attempt to throw one together on the deep windowsill in Ro's room.) So today, while we were outside, Ro and I put a small one together in the gazebo since she's always bringing me odds and ends she finds around the yard!

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Stephanie said...

Great idea! Don't know if you've ever checked out the blog A Holy Experience, but she (Ann) does lots of Nature Table stuff: