Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A slapdash alteration:

I bought this bag from Old Navy because I find more and more that I favor two things: cross-body bags (I have no shoulders!) and linen. However, when it arrived I realized the strap was TOO short- I'd have to practically put my hand in my armpit to reach in- and there were no extraneous pockets.

Ignoring the mortifying quality of this photo (and the fact that that pocket is only gaping because it was FULL of stuff,) what I did was take a cotton print from India I had kicking around and extended the strap so that it was adjustable by tying it through loops, and cut open a welt pocket on the front of the bag (it was lined and interfaced, so it was easy to slip a pocket under the top layer of linen without it feeling funny on the inside.) I lined the pocket with the same fabric as the strap so that it matched, and used the same dark vermillion-red thread when I did my topstitching. A button and a loop to close, and the bag is perfect now.

Great for trekking into the woods with snacks and trekking back out with feathers, pinecones and stones!

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