Thursday, January 15, 2009

Absurdity #792 about living in Arizona: Spring has sprung.
... in January.

One lone yellow Oxalis Acetosella flower growing in my side yard. Ro, of course, picked it immediately after I took this photo. Does anyone else enjoy chewing on wood sorrel? I love it.

(Notice how my yard never ever looks different?)

We spent a good fifteen minutes this afternoon picking Lantana (the smell of which I find intoxicating) off of the bushes in front of Daddy's office. She was putting them inside the little pink bucket she found on his desk.

Heading home with her botanical treasures.
And Toastie. Of course.


Stephanie said...

I've never chewed on wood sorrel before.

Does your hubby usually keep a pink bucket on his desk or did Ro leave it there another day? Just wondering.

Alina Hensley said...

HAHA! No, one of the company representatives that came in brought him some candy in it, like they do, and it had just been sitting there since. =D